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Monday, June 29, 2009

Do I Need to Diet and Exercise?

If you have ever driven a Corvette you will know the feeling of a high performance engine. It used to be my favorite car until I drove one. At the time I owned a Lexus ES 300 which had all the amenities but no oomph. I took my friends Corvette for the day but I was soon disappointed. The ride was rough and the interior was Spartan. His was a top of the line model with all the fixings but the ride just sucked. I equate this comparison to exercise and dieting. Just diet, no oomph, just exercise and your interior can be a rough ride. Combining a healthy diet with a consistent exercise regimen is the best way to get in shape. If you have asked yourself what will it take to get in great shape? Do I need to diet and exercise? The answer is yes. A healthy life style is just that, a life style. If you find yourself overweight, short of breath, or weaker than you know you should be, you've gotten off track. That's ok. It happens to the best of us, and some times through no fault of your own. We can't control a lot of the bad that happens but we can have a big say in some of the good, especially where our physical fitness is concerned. Utilizing one or the other can work given time and serious attention. I've had success both ways but I never felt great unless I combined the two. Do I need to diet and exercise? How long will it take to get in shape? The answers really depend on you.

Experienced athletes find a way to incorporate nutrition into their daily lives. It's like going to work every day whether you feel like it or not. If you can find a job you love however, it's not such a chore. This probably sounds like common sense and that's because it is. The trick is getting into a mind set that allows you to make healthy choices without thinking. The best way to do that is to pick a plan that you will stick too. No one likes to be told what to do and that is why most diet plans fail. Hopefully you are ready to make a compromise. Call it a deal with yourself as the client. If you are reading this it sounds like you're ready. Try to imagine what you will look like a year from now if you exercise and diet consistently. That picture is the pay off. Imagine yourself in 3 years. Now imagine if you don't. Compare these two images in your head. Are you motivated? I like to imagine getting started as lucrative job offer that requires a one year commitment over seas, a chance to change my life for ever.

If looking great and feeling great isn't enough, let me sweeten the deal. Getting in shape will allow you to participate in more social activities. Looking good will get you invited more often and feeling good will give you the confidence to accept those invitations. A social life can lead to more opportunities and the list goes on. You can begin anytime but sooner is better. Make a plan and implement it. Best of all, it won't take a year to see the results they come right away.


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